Tortoise Watches & Wristpirate have been in various media

28 November 2023


"I wanted to get perspective from a real vintage collector on the new Evil El Primero, so I reached out to my friend Arwind Jhand, a collector of vintage Zenith, who also sells some killer examples as Tortoise Watches."


4 April 2022

The New York Times

Arwind Jhand was quoted in the paper


24 September 2021

Zenith Watches

Zenith Watches chose El Primero owners to tell the story behind their timepieces and what makes them so special


September 24 2021

Zenith Watches

Being a passionate collector of Zenith watches Arwind was one of those chosen to have their El Primero story featured on the official website of the Zenith manufacture.


Decmber 16 2021

The Hairspring

Zenith De Luca Mk1 Porcelain Dial


December 12 2021

The Road Rat

Zenith El Primero A386 Mk1

Featured in the December Issue 009 of The Road Rat magazine

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April 9 2021

The Hairspring

A Near-Perfect Zenith A. Cairelli CP-2


February 9 2018

Time 4A Pint

"Episode 38 of the Time 4A Pint Podcast - This week I caught up with Arwind, an early Time 4A Pint attendee, and man who embodies the core value of Time 4A Pint, as a drinking club with a watch problem."

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